GitLab Dynamic Environments with Docker-Compose instead of K8S

Dynamic Environment is when your pipeline creates a deployment, for integration tests or manual review. Gitlab in autodevops mode and with Kubernetes lets you enjoy this kind of stuff by just starting projects from their template images. Note that YourLabs offers consulting if you need help to setup/maintain your baremetal K8S or GitLab instance to do this kind of thing. (Please forgive horrible sound recording in our demo) This article however, demonstrates how to acheive dynamic environments for integration testing and reviews with the product team with just docker-compose and nginx-proxy. [Read More]

Storing HD photos in a relational database: recipe for an epic fail

Storing files in the database has already been demonstrated as not an efficient trade-off here, and in many pages on internet. As such, this post provides subjective stories about files in the database, rather than an objective compare. Now Bob the manager has watched Peter Chubb’s talk and decides that you will store uploaded PDFs and HD photos in the database when that doesn’t even matter when people are going to upload files in AJAX, before they submit their form, during HTTP requests that occur before that request that causes a relational data write. [Read More]