| by jpic | devops python ansible best-practice GitHub release of part of my current production practice to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. It's the main monolyth that combines well in CI with our Python & PHP distributions. Actually some parts of the monorepo in the process of being extracted and rewritten to smaller sized units and that's the development track that's issued recent tools such as cli2 that is the library for decorating another CLI in python extracted as a generic engine, base for djcli (also extracted from injected code from ansible django plugin), shyml, with other parts that are yet to be installed in a production pipeline such as ansible-apply ansible modern command line wrapper, compoctl docker-compose decorator that's shorter to write but also provides experimental commands to improve automated deployments, backups and restores. Read More

ansible-compose: deploying docker-compose files over bare ssh

| by jpic | python devops ansible docker docker-compose
In kubernetes, we have the joy of applying configuration directly from maintainer repositories: kubectl apply -f https://raw.github.../setup.yml This allows each repository to maintain its own infrastructure configuration as code, and maintaining a core devops framework in between. You will have to deal with particular credentials, that you should use something else to generate and so on. On the other side of internet, happy docker-composers are also having a lot of fun maintaining them in repositories they contribute to. Read More


| by jpic | python ansible devops playlabs I have just rewritten the README for playlabs, my ansible wrapper command. Note that this software is still in pre-alpha/planning stage and should only be used in production by seasoned haxors. # Playlabs: the obscene ansible distribution DISCLAMER: maybe it even works for you, but that's far from garanteed so far. I love ansible most of the time, the rest of the time it makes me feel like it deserves better UX. Read More


| by jpic | playlabs ansible ci cd Playlabs documentation is now available online ! Playlabs provides a convenient wrapper for the ansible-playbook command and provides a set of ansible roles made to work together, and to orchestrate containers as much as possible and let only network level provisioning happen on hosts themselves, and combines straigthforward ansible patterns to install a docker orchestrated paas infra to prototype products for development to small-size production. Pre-beta state: works for me, but parts are being rewriten independently until it’s clean enough and declared stable, documentation is still in progress and so are tests. Read More

DevOps since 2005: a  retrospective

| by jpic | python ansible best-practice
This article shares some history of DevOps testing in France during the last few years. How it looked like when I started in the industry in 2004 and almost 15 years later today. Background Just a 1337c0d3 that somehow made it so far with the help of a lot of shadow hacking, now somewhat known as “DevOps” in some places … Pre-DevOps era: the obscurity In 2004 i was hacking for Jouve which had high tech digital printers which meant that they could make small batches of books, at the time where the market was filled with offset printers that made the minimal batch have to be 1500 or something. Read More

playlabs: 30 seconds overview

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Quick version of the previous article on playlabs $ playlabs Playlabs: the obscene ansible distribution. Init your ssh user with your key and secure sshd and passwordless sudo: playlabs init root@ # all options are ansible options are proxied playlabs init @somehost --ask-become-pass Now your user can install roles: playlabs install docker,firewall,nginx @somehost And deploy a project, examples: playlabs @somehost deploy image=betagouv/mrs:master playlabs @somehost deploy image=betagouv/mrs:master plugins=postgres,django,uwsgi backup_password=foo prefix=ybs instance=hack env. Read More

PlayLabs: the Obscene Ansible Distribution, long version

| by jpic | python linux ansible best-practice playlabs
From baremetal to deploying docker images on a PaaS in one command ? PlayLabs is the result of a refactor of playbooks we've had in production for a while to acheive hackable docker-based PaaS. The refactor was designed to be Open Source, almost there to beta. PlayLabs combines simple ansible patterns with packaged roles to create a docker orchestrated paas to prototype products for development to production. PlayLabs does not deal with HA, for HA you will need to do the ansible plugins yourself, or use kubernetes … but until then, PlayLabs do everything else, even configure your own sentry or kubernetes servers ! Read More

Install Arch Linux on a dedicated server via Ubuntu Live

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In the process of making YourLabs new cloud, I ordered a first dedicated server at They don't provide an installer for Arch Linux, but they do provide a “rescue mode” which is at this time Ubuntu 13.04 Live. Boot that and get an Arch Linux install on BtrFS with just one command: Format /dev/sda to BtrFS Partionning and install arch linux in subvolumes with just one command: ansible-playbook -i "yourhostname," -e "hostname=your_host_name" --ask-sudo-pass rescue_reinstall_arch_linux. Read More
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