Django & ajax & HATEOAS: how to reverse urls in javascript (not)

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This is the second article about reversing urls in javascript. The previous article actually presented a bad idea. Github API v3 Github's API is undubitably quite suprising for a web developer that isn't aware of the HATEOAS concept, here's the kind of things you can see for example: [ { "updated_at": "2012-11-27T14:42:24Z", "svn_url": "", "language": "Python", "milestones_url": "{/number}", "downloads_url": "", "subscription_url": "", "teams_url": "", "full_name": "yourlabs/django-cities-light", "git_url": "git://", "git_tags_url": "{/sha}", "owner": { "login": "yourlabs", "organizations_url": "https://api. Read More

Django & ajax: how to reverse urls in javascript (not)

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: the approach proposed in this article is bad. Read this one instead.

You can start building a user interface using Django's awesome CRUD in a matter of seconds, for example with just this server side configuration:

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