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Well that's a nice way to automate backups and rollbacks during my deploys and make another CI Dev-Perfect(tm)


| by jpic | playlabs ansible ci cd Playlabs documentation is now available online ! Playlabs provides a convenient wrapper for the ansible-playbook command and provides a set of ansible roles made to work together, and to orchestrate containers as much as possible and let only network level provisioning happen on hosts themselves, and combines straigthforward ansible patterns to install a docker orchestrated paas infra to prototype products for development to small-size production. Pre-beta state: works for me, but parts are being rewriten independently until it’s clean enough and declared stable, documentation is still in progress and so are tests. Read More

GitLab OpenShift: best Continuous Delivery pipeline 2016

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The From idea to production video demo which demonstrates in a stunning a 12 minute video how to deploy GitLab on OpenShift, then login to GitLab and create a project with a pipeline that deploys the project on OpenShift itself.
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