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| by jpic | python django crudlfap
CRUDLFA+ 0.5.0, g-drive-ish design


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I had an old html5lib installed with –user, that would break globally installed pip from my Arch Linux system. Posting the solution that worked for me here because i couldn't find it elsewhere: pip uninstall html Uninstalling html5lib-0.9999999: Would remove: /home/jpic/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/html5lib-0.9999999-py3.6.egg-info /home/jpic/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/html5lib/* Proceed (y/n)? y Successfully uninstalled html5lib-0.9999999 Then, pip install --user worked again. The full traceback was: Traceback (most recent call last): File “/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pip/_internal/”, line 228, in main status = self. Read More


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In the first screen we see that two posts in the list have a different button in the Actions column. The first row is a post that I'm the owner of, therefore the Actions shows a button for a dropdown menu. The second row is a post that I'm not owner of, but that has been published, so, I only have the detail link on that row. In the second screenshot, using the checkboxes reveals possible groupped actions on the bottom of the screen, here “Delete objects” which serves as reference action. Read More


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Some screenshots from a backoffice using CRUDLFA+


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Still finishing CRUDLFA+ framework for Django 2.0, see example esponsive detail page for BetaGouv with MaterializeCSS.


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Apparently, browser testing stack for CRUDLFA+ based on CircleCI, SauceLabs, NightWatchJS, TypeScript, is getting operational. All configurations are Open Source. Have a beautiful day

CRUDLFA+ 0.3 Series

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CRUDLFA+ is an expirement (read: pre-alpha state) of what Django could be if: generic views provided templates and javascript for a rich experience out of the box, class based views leveraged OOP a bit more to add DRY goodness, leveraged externals apps from the Django ecosystem. Let's compare it side by side. Consider this simple model: class Email(models.Model): email = models.EmailField() caisse = models.ForeignKey('Caisse', on_delete=models.CASCADE) def __str__(self): return self. Read More


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Next CRUDLFA+ version with Materializecss preview !

Getting generic views to support “fake” models

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Sometimes, we need to make views around objects which are not stored in the database. They may be calculated on the fly in python, or come from some data source that's not the database, or which aggregates several objects in the database. This is supported out of the box with CRUDLFA+, the modern web framework for Django. All you need to implement is: a Model class with what you want in it, just set Meta. Read More

YourLabs Business Service is born

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It's my pleasure to announce the official birth of our new company, YourLabs Business Service. This company will work in conjunction with the YourLabs foundation and of course sponsor the Django apps ecosystem. We are hiring freelancers to: maintain apps in the Django ecosystem that we use in CRUDLFA+, our modern web framework for Django, sysadmins and other hackers to co-manage our infrastructure: respond to monitoring alerts and this kind of things, contribute to our customer projects, This is a 99% remote position, or 100% if you want to miss all the parties and conferences we'll setup or join, but it's not a full time job, yet, rather a paying side project for things you probably already do. Read More

What does the CRUDLFA+ acronym stands for ?

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Well, it definitely stands for something ! And since this is becoming a FAQ, here's my answer: It stands for: Create Read Update Delete Form Autocomplete and more ! We started by making a CRUD because the customer was complaining his come was not DRY and that we should have a CRUD in Django - the customer comes from the modern PHP framework world. We soon figured we needed a crudL, for the list. Read More

CRUDLFA+ 0.1.1 Video Demo

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This is a quick video I made so our friends can see CRUDLFA+, the DRY framework for Django, looks like so far: With <3 Jamesy aka jpic

Rethinking Django’s URL Router

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This all started when a web developer learning Django was struggling to maintain a quantity of HTML and came to me: “I have a question for you, Django, can you generate a menu for me please ?". Oh my, is this person going to be the next wasting their time building something that's too complicated and worthless just like I have back when I used to try this kind of stunt ? Read More
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