BigSudo eXtreme DevOps: Hacking Operations

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BigSudo is a command line generator wrapping around Ansible: the excellent tool for automating operations which has proven itself in an extremely heterogenic ecosystem over the course of the last years, and currently maintained by Red Hat. eXtreme DevOps is when code traditionnaly known as network and infrastructure operations automation meet continuous integration, merges with continuous delivery, made it almost trivial to deploy per-branch ephemeral deployments on each git push, say on test-$GIT_BRANCHNAME. Read More


| by jpic | devops Join thousands of testers online at Ministry of Testing, a thriving community sharing the passion for better automated testing !

Storing HD photos in a relational database: recipe for an epic fail

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Storing files in the database has already been demonstrated as not an efficient trade-off here, and in many pages on internet. As such, this post provides subjective stories about files in the database, rather than an objective compare. Now Bob the manager has watched Peter Chubb's talk and decides that you will store uploaded PDFs and HD photos in the database when that doesn't even matter when people are going to upload files in AJAX, before they submit their form, during HTTP requests that occur before that request that causes a relational data write. Read More


| by jpic | devops best-practice Brilliant DevOps & CD QuickStart FREE ebook by Paul Swartout.


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| by jpic | devops python ansible best-practice GitHub release of part of my current production practice to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. It's the main monolyth that combines well in CI with our Python & PHP distributions. Actually some parts of the monorepo in the process of being extracted and rewritten to smaller sized units and that's the development track that's issued recent tools such as cli2 that is the library for decorating another CLI in python extracted as a generic engine, base for djcli (also extracted from injected code from ansible django plugin), shyml, with other parts that are yet to be installed in a production pipeline such as ansible-apply ansible modern command line wrapper, compoctl docker-compose decorator that's shorter to write but also provides experimental commands to improve automated deployments, backups and restores. Read More

compoctl 0.1.3 release

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The new compoctl apply command supports build by default and now chains the following: pull build down up -d logs ps If you haven't installed yet, my advice is to install with pip3 install --user compoctl, and then add export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin to open a giant sudo and make internet fun again. Upgrade with pip3 upgrade --user compoctl if you have installed with --user otherwise with just pip3 upgrade compoctl. Read More


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Well that's a nice way to automate backups and rollbacks during my deploys and make another CI Dev-Perfect(tm)

ansible-compose: deploying docker-compose files over bare ssh

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In kubernetes, we have the joy of applying configuration directly from maintainer repositories: kubectl apply -f https://raw.github.../setup.yml This allows each repository to maintain its own infrastructure configuration as code, and maintaining a core devops framework in between. You will have to deal with particular credentials, that you should use something else to generate and so on. On the other side of internet, happy docker-composers are also having a lot of fun maintaining them in repositories they contribute to. Read More


| by jpic | python ansible devops playlabs I have just rewritten the README for playlabs, my ansible wrapper command. Note that this software is still in pre-alpha/planning stage and should only be used in production by seasoned haxors. # Playlabs: the obscene ansible distribution DISCLAMER: maybe it even works for you, but that's far from garanteed so far. I love ansible most of the time, the rest of the time it makes me feel like it deserves better UX. Read More

djcli: the new Django automation CLI command

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djcli is the package , a new CLI under design phase, it is a simple python package, that provides a command with name djcli, to do more with Django on the CLI: $ pip install djcli find the content for this variable in your project $ export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=your.settings you will probably run this from your directory parent to $ djcli create auth.user username=pony is_superuser=1 i just checked and chpasswd command in django supports only interactive $ djcli chpasswd /path/to/password username=pony Read More


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“Extreme DevOps” screenshot, where you see branchname == lastbuildjobname, designed for dynamic environments, demonstrates auto-deploy an environment per push on a subdomain with the branch name. From betagouv/MRS#636, with PlayLabs, currently in Alpha stage.

DevOps Business Service

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Our relentless DevOps offer personalized training and development for streamline the deployment of the patches of his protégés, of a report optional on-site management, and free to host a meetup internally to convey the mindset of eXtreme Programing & Agile Manifesto as part of a friendly and fun atmosphere in a hacker aesthetic local. Practitioner of engineering in constant movement, we optimize local deployment time (development) until production (live), via ephemeral branch deployments which streamline communication between your teams. Read More
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