django-autocomplete-light 3.2.3 release

3.2.3 Two seriously good community contributed bugfixes #799: Support serializing UUIDs and add tests for models with UUIDs as PKs by @blag #826: Prevent rendering of empty option on multi select by @beruic Bravo ! Tests are passing reliabily these days. The code climate is pretty sunny to contribute patches. Help wanted on unit tests: there is a bunch of units and currently everything is tested together with selenium. [Read More]

Django-autocomplete-light 3.2.0 release

We have two major features:

Complete changelog:

django-autocomplete-light 3.1.7 release

  • #714: Update select2 by @meesterguyman
  • #705: Improve compat with dj1.9 by @9nix00
  • #706: Fix extra require by @blueyed
  • #710: Added note for static files not checked by @geekashu
  • #708: Provide path with dal_select2.E001 by @blueyed
  • #700: Enable HTML markup in select2 item labels by @njoyard

DAL 3.1.6 release

django-autocomplete-light v3.1.6 was released, thanks to these fine contributions:

  • #671: Create_field support with querysetsequence by @jpic
  • #679: Allow create message translation by @maisim
  • #682: Extend ‘forward’ attribute to creating objects as well by @toudi
  • #666: Improved missing ‘created_field’ error by @guettli
  • #670: Javascript loading documentation by @jpic
  • #678: Added example to update autocompletes in JS by @jpic

django-autocomplete-light 3.1.5 release

This release enables field-forwarding in formsets and forms with prefix. Also note that several things have been made to help users: a new tutorial section showing placeholder and minimum-input-length select2 options has been added and a system check will raise an error if select2’s js is not present - typically for users who have git clone'd the repo without --recursive, resulting in a wc without select2. For devs, we’ve moved from django-sbo-selenium to pytest+splinter and it’s pretty cool ! [Read More]

Porting ModelForm enhancements from django-autocomplete-light v2 to Django

Currently, django-autocomplete-light v2 provides enhancement to default form field generation for model fields, depending on the registered autocompletes, as shown in the tutorial. For v3, we don’t want this feature inside DAL anymore because it has really nothing to do with autocomplete. Instead, I’m trying to contribute a generic way to do that. It would not benefit only django-autocomplete-light anymore, but all Django apps. You could get enhanced default form fields for model fields just by installing and configuring apps in your project. [Read More]

django-autocomplete-light v3: what’s going on

This post clarifies the status of django-autocomplete-light and strategy for v3. Version 2 No further effort will be made to support new versions of Django in v2. However, it supports the current LTS Django 1.8 and future-release Django 1.10, so we’ve got plenty of time to re-do v2’s best features in v3 (in a better way) and most importantly you’ve got plenty of time to upgrade (until 2018). Version 3 It’s a ground-up rewrite and it’s not backward compatible - hence the 2 years upgrade plan. [Read More]