django-cities-light 3.3.0 release

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Thanks to the amazing work by the YourLabs community, I'm proud to release 3.3.0 of django-cities-light: #118: Add Django 1.10 support, drop Django 1.7 support by @jpic #113: Fix DeprecationWarning by @mbaragiola #106: New management command to work with fixtures by @max-arnold #108: translation_items_pre_import_signal by @FaBay89 #106: New management command feature by @greeday2 Njoy B)

django-cities-light 3.2.0 release

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django-cities-light 3.2.0 was released, supporting Django 1.7 to 1.9 now, even though older versions should still work, they aren't tested anymore. #105: Drop LazyProgressBar, patch was accepted upstream by Max Arnold, #104: Better feature code filtering by Max Arnold and Michael Gulev, #100, #96: The mystery about migrations appearing in some environments but not others has been solved: it was due to the presence of b'' in migration files. A new test was added to fail if django wants to create new migrations in any environment. Read More

django-cities-light 3.1.0 release

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Pluggable models have come to django-cities-light thanks to Alexey Evseev. It's completely backward compatible and allows you swap default models with your own as well as connecting to new signals the geonames import command. On the behalf of YourLabs, I'd like to welcome Alexey Evseev aboard ! I recommend hiring with Alexey Evseev if you have the chance and trust in with your mission. Upgrade instructions: pip install -U django-cities-light Don't forget to read how to customize your models with django-cities-light it's ultra simple. Read More

django-cities-light 2.3.1 released

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django-cities-light 2.3.1 was released: #42 added FAQ: Some data fail to import or don't import like I want, how to skip them ? #45 django-rest-framework support update by @almalki. #49 Added country_items_pre_import and region_items_pre_import by @mauricioabreu. #51 Slug should be used in unique_together along with name. #51 Skip duplicate cities with no regions #52 Added FAQ on MySQL and UTF-8 #53 Country phone prefix support by @csarcom Forms update. It is backward compatible and has migrations: don't forget to run: Read More
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