clilabs 1.1.1 release

Clilabs now benefit a new command that automates a series of 3 lines that’s I’ve been typing over and over again during 10 years of Django hacking. $ clilabs help +django:settings Setting up django has failed ! DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE env var not set ! Show settings from django. How many times have you done the following ? python shell from django.conf import settings settings.DATABASES # or something Well it’s over now ! [Read More]

djcli: the new Django automation CLI command

djcli is the package , a new CLI under design phase, it is a simple python package, that provides a command with name djcli, to do more with Django on the CLI: $ pip install djcli find the content for this variable in your project $ export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=your.settings you will probably run this from your directory parent to $ djcli create auth.user username=pony is_superuser=1 i just checked and chpasswd command in django supports only interactive $ djcli chpasswd /path/to/password username=pony [Read More]

Django tests that write themselves

This is a plain advertisement for two excellent test utils maintained by YourLabs:

If you’re volunteering on a project, and that there are many newbie contributors - who turn out to be militants with a high determination - then you definitively want to check out these apps as they will highly facilitate your volunteering in a project as sole professional dev.