open-source-software-djnext Django-NextJS Isomorphic UI Development with Decorator pattern for Django with: - nextjs out of the box experience for frontend development, - rendering of nextjs pages with context in Django with NextJS template engine. For fun & profit ## Run the example project Run this commands as non root:: git clone cd djnext pip install –user –editable .[dev] yarn install djnext watchstatic # maintains nextjs pages/ directory for yarn dev yarn dev # run localhost:3000 djnext dev # run localhost:8000 ## Choose NextJS page template in Django Example project lives in src/djnext_example, see src/djnext_example/artist/urls. [Read More]

JS TDD in your Django apps

Yesterday, I confessed my guilt of writing shitty DOM manipulating JS code live in the browser, and said no, never again. Due to positive feedback in the django-users mailing list, I’m writing how I actually plan to change how I do JS in Django apps. Believe me, it’s preventively fixing issues i’ve had with JS in Django apps during the last ten years. Nuff said, let’s hack ! Let’s create an index. [Read More]

Navigation Autocomplete with jquery-autocomplete-light

“How to make a navigation autocomplete with django-autocomplete-light v3” seems like a top FAQ since v3 release, because v2 included an example which was not reported inside the documentation of v3.

While the example in v2 documentation is still valid, the autocomplete.js script was removed from django-autocomplete-light, and is now available in the jquery-autocomplete-light repository.

Happy hollidays from the YourLabs panarchy :)