Django & JS research report

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This article aims to report the current state of research about dealing with both JS and Django, for people that aim to primarly deal with Django and enjoy the same workflow they have with python package with their frontend development, and find patterns to connect them while keeping them loosely coupled at whatever limit feels right for them. Nuff said, let's hack ! crudlfap relies on django-webpack-loader, which does its job very well. Read More


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Djangonauts: Say no to selenium drug

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When you start applying best development practices such as TDD, you discover that you make much better software. First, you can TDD your python code with anything, django has a test runner, otherwise you have pytest and many friends. Then, you make python to interact with javascript. In the Django community, it seems that there is a conscensus around “use selenium to test your JS”. I've been like this myself for years, but the thing with selenium is that it's functional testing, not unit testing, it does bring short term ROI, but on the long term it becomes costy to maintain over time. Read More
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