YourLabs Arch Linux Package Repository

Today is the grand openning of our Arch Linux package repository, with the release of postgresql-bdr. It’s a patched PostgreSQL server with BiDirectionnal Replication which seems too good to be true. I ran split brain tests and it reacted amazingly well, although it needs all nodes to be up for schema updates which is ok to me because I won’t be running upgrades while I have a broken node: I’ll be working on fixing it. [Read More]

PostgreSQL for beginners: Initial configuration

Those are notes taken from the talk “PostgreSQL when it is not your job” by Christophe Pettus from PostgreSQL Experts Inc. at DjangoCon Europe 2012. This article describes how to make a basic PostgreSQL configuration: logging, memory, checkpoints, planner. Note: this article is mostly a transcript from the talk by Christophe Pettus: so send all the cookies to him. Thanks ! That’s around 12 configuration options and you’re done. [Read More]