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How to put a NextJS server in front of Django with django-appwatch In this article, we’ll get started on a new Django project with NextJS in front of Django. We choose to put NextJS in front of Django because NextJS is an isomorphic UI framework for React, that’s pretty simple to use. - Create your Django project as usual, - Do in your repo: yarn add next react - Install django-appwatch with pip install django-appwatch, - Add appwatch to INSTALLED_APPS, - Run command manage. Read More


| by jpic | python django javascript react djnext best-practice Django-NextJS Isomorphic UI Development with Decorator pattern for Django with: - nextjs out of the box experience for frontend development, - rendering of nextjs pages with context in Django with NextJS template engine. For fun & profit ## Run the example project Run this commands as non root:: git clone cd djnext pip install –user –editable .[dev] yarn install djnext watchstatic # maintains nextjs pages/ directory for yarn dev yarn dev # run localhost:3000 djnext dev # run localhost:8000 ## Choose NextJS page template in Django Example project lives in src/djnext_example, see src/djnext_example/artist/urls. Read More


| by jpic | python django javascript react best-practice Beautiful example of Django/React integration !
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