Test Driven Development with SaltStack SLS code

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Getting started with SaltStack usually means piling up a bunch of YAML code templated with Jinja in a source code repository because that’s the way to go from the documentation’s point of view. With significant whitespace, YAML enables even non-developers to define data structures in non verbose way. Jinja2 is a templating engine which enables a non-developer to make YAML files dynamic, typically depending on variables. However, Jinja2 hasn’t significant whitespace and this can decrease readability of YAML templates. Read More

Testing SaltStack formulas on Travis-ci

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SaltStack is an Open Source DevOp tool to automate administration of a computer (server or desktop) infrastructure, typically but not limited to, developing in-house PaaS. Travis-ci is an Open Source Continuous Integration platform and online-hosted for free for Open Source projects. This article targets SaltStack formula developers who wants to have CI enabled and of course every SaltStack user should be a formula developer wanting CI. Overview First things first, we have to test the /pillar. Read More
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