Use IE10 on linux with BrowserStack

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In about 30 seconds, I got my hands on IE10 on my Arch Linux workstation with BrowserStack. Thanks ! Now to debug what's broken in IE10 again :)

Using rst for documentation on both GitHub and Sphinx/RTFD: code-block tip

| by jpic | python documentation service
Good documentation should be readable from source, and usable to generate fancy HTML. That's why RST is so commonly used: readable as text source, usable to generate HTML and even PDF GitHub knows how to render it, Sphinx and ReadTheDocs know how to render it. Good documentation should often show code. This article demonstrates an inconsistency between RTFD and GitHub rendering, and how to fix it. As far as sphinx is concerned, the default highlight language for code blocks is Python. Read More

EntryDNS: Free DNS management service for everyone created by Geeks

| by jpic | service dns
Sounds pretty cool if you ask me. Check out this fine free DNS management service.

PythonAnywhere: free and awesome Django web host

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Here's a really cool contribution. Harry Percival emailed django-developers about his employer, PythonAnywhere: We do offer Django hosting as part of our Free plan, so it's a nice place for people to come and try out Django, for free, maybe host a prototype web app… I registered to give it a tried and received an amazing welcome email, which I won't spoil for you !
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