Announcing YourLabs BtoC Service

| by jpic | shop
It’s an honnour to announce our new BtoC product at YourLabs: a computer repair shop. What makes it different from other computer repair shop is that we’re going to expose OEM and data center provisionning technologies to end users. In our shop, you will be able to discuss with a Level 1 staff who’s job is: reassure the user that we are going to find a satisfying solution for their problem, their way, connect the machine they bring to the ethernet cable and boot on PXE, open a live OS and backup user files on the NAS, or/then, open an installer (also from PXE) and format the machine with a fresh os, open a live OS and restore user files from the NAS, call on a level 2 for advanced diagnosis if necessary, open tickets for users, take hardware in/out, and help users with their tickets Power users will be able to service their products theirselves at our shop, in a chilly atmosphere encouraging working in pair, making new friends and share passion :) Read More
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