djcall 0.0.5 release

| by jpic | python django uwsgi spooler cron
django-call is a model wrapper around uWSGI native cron and spooler features, including the signal framework allowing to program callbacks on cron or run them in a given spooler with a given priority for example. For example right now on a betagouv project it logs the following when uWSGI starts: [uwsgi-signal] signum 1 registered (wid: 0 modifier1: 0 target: worker) [djcall] uwsgi.register_signal(1, mrsstat.models.Stat.objects.create_missing) [uwsgi-signal] signum 2 registered (wid: 0 modifier1: 0 target: worker) [djcall] uwsgi. Read More


| by jpic | python django uwsgi django-uwsgi-spooler Finnaly a Django app to wrap around uWSGI's builtin spooler ! I should have done this years ago, but I was expecting to make a boring module, it turned out a lot more exciting than expected ! First things first, django-uwsgi-spooler has only one expectation from your callbacks: be an importable function and take a task argument. The only other expectation is that you can use the Task model it provides, for example: Task(callback_name='yourmodule. Read More

Drupal 7 with nginx and uwsgi-php example configuration

| by jpic | linux php uwsgi nginx
Drupal is a CMS written in PHP which supports PostgreSQL. It is made for mod_php and Apache, thought it works with uWGSI and Nginx. When you have tried uWGSI you know why you want this. Example nginx configuration: server { server_name; root /srv/drupal/www/; error_log /tmp/nginx_drupal.log; index index.php index.html; location / { try_files $uri @rewrite; } location @rewrite { rewrite ^/(.*)$ /index.php?q=$1; } location ~* files/styles { access_log off; expires 30d; try_files $uri @rewrite; } location ~ . Read More
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