YourLabs Business Service is born

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It's my pleasure to announce the official birth of our new company, YourLabs Business Service. This company will work in conjunction with the YourLabs foundation and of course sponsor the Django apps ecosystem. We are hiring freelancers to: maintain apps in the Django ecosystem that we use in CRUDLFA+, our modern web framework for Django, sysadmins and other hackers to co-manage our infrastructure: respond to monitoring alerts and this kind of things, contribute to our customer projects, This is a 99% remote position, or 100% if you want to miss all the parties and conferences we'll setup or join, but it's not a full time job, yet, rather a paying side project for things you probably already do. Read More

yourlabs x-mas commit

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YourLabs community repository also got its x-mas magical commit with a bit of phisolophy ;)
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